piątek, 22 maja 2015

Hello again.

It’s abort time for an update. I’ve ignored the blog, because things have finally quieted down. Or at least that’s what I thought. After shit that happened in the last video (the one from 14.03) priest came to my home and consecrated the whole place. Since then everything has stopped as if by magic. Therefore I’ve neglected the blog and YouTube channel in order to try and get back to my normal life. I returned all of the equipment borrowed from my friends and decided to forget the whole thing.
Still, it proved to be fucking difficult. When few weeks afterwards I had came back home from few day’s business trip I saw… well, you’ve got to see the following video to get what I mean. Compared to that, previous “activities” didn’t really scare me so much. I mean, during these few weeks when I’ve tried to understand what’s happening in my house, I’ve kind of started to get used to all this weird stuff. But now it really freaked me out – it never ended up with such a destruction before.

Is it possible, that all this time the mysterious energy was gathering force to come back stronger than ever? I have no idea, but I know one thing. I won’t give up in the fight for MY HOME and MY PEACE. In a few days I’ll get some cameras again, maybe even more than before, to see and record what’s actually going on. Even though I really don’t like it at all.