piątek, 13 marca 2015


                                                    Tutaj znajduje się polska wersja tego posta

I’m not going to elaborate too much, because some of you may know my story from Wykop.pl website, where I’ve been describing weird phenomenon that suddenly started occurring at my house. All of it has started on one Sunday. Here is my entry from Wykop site:

Night from Saturday to Sunday 07/08.02.2015

“Holy shit! I’m just sitting in front of my computer and suddenly there are some freaking cracking noises at the attic. So I went to check on it and there – bam! The balcony door are open. Fucking double door! And the other ones from the attic just slammed! So I’ve closed everything, checked the house… nobody’s here. Something is seriously wrong…”

After I’ve closed every single door in the house, I was absolutely sure nothing else can happen. But no, there it goes again! Then knocking, tapping and other creepy sounds started to increase to such extent that I’ve decided to call my friends who immediately came over.  It was around 5.30 a.m. At that moment another door slammed and this time my pals heard it as well. On the one hand I was relieved – that means everything is ok with my head right? But on the second, it really was getting scary. At first I ruled out ghosts or other paranormal activities. House is 15 years old, built by my family, it’s not placed on some suspicious place and nobody died in there. So I started to look for some more rational explanation to all of this. But it appears I can easily forget about such an option after what happened on:

Tuesday 10.02

“Hey folks, seriously… I don’t know whenever I’m going funny or what… I woke up, got my ass to work, everything’s fine. I got back from work, everything’s fine. Just a moment ago I decided to go buy something for dinner and then after I returned… EVERY fucking light in the house was turned on. Every single one of them, from the attic to the cellar… And before you ask – no, I haven’t walked in to some rooms today at all. And, hey I would have noticed that lights are on when I went shopping, right? This is the moment when I really start to freak out. I mean, fuck – you can explain slamming door somehow (whatever shitty explanation you think of it’s still something), but this?! Really, I’m considering getting the hell out of here. Damn it, my hand are still shaking so much, writing this entry took me, like several minutes. Fuck.”

Rather chaotic story which says it all. After calming down I’ve decided that someone was making goddamn fun of me. That was easier to accept. Following an advise from Wykop I started to register sounds. I wasn’t prepared for some serious recording, didn’t even have any kind of technical back-up which would allow me to approach the subject more professionally. Still I had a few “recorders” such as mp3 player, tablet or mobile with an recording application which turns on only when it detects a sound. So I placed them all over the house and in the meantime I moved out to one of my friends who came to my place that unfortunate Sunday. I popped in back there only to download the material and change the batteries. All of it resulted in my next entry:

“Bloody hell…I wasn’t at home the last few days, just checking in to get data from the sound recorders. Files has been gathered and played in our free time at my mate’s house and that’s why I discovered some stuff days after it happened.”

In the meantime it was suggested that I started to install cameras which turned out to be a good idea. Until I acquired such equipment I continued to record sounds. The effect of it was another entry:

“I know how badly you waited for this moment, so before I publish the files, few words of explanation.
Why have you waited for so long? Well, because I really don’t have time to sit all day on my ass and review all of it up to date. I’m outdoors most of the day and then I still have some household duties to take care of. I’m still revising stuff from the first week – the one where only sounds were recorded – and I want to post it in chronological order. Cameras are already installed, but then there is a problem of actually watching several hours-long films from a few cameras, then edit them (add some subs with hour and date and of course cut off these parts when something happens).
Audio will be posted in three different forms:
a)      edited – that is only the sounds that where recorded
b)     non-edited – just uploaded without any meddling from me
c)      as a film on YT with date and hour of the occurrence
Films will be posted directly on YT only as edited form (when something interesting happens), because cameras are recording non-stop and I won’t let you spy on my private life. Yeah, I could have be uploading one recording at a time, but why? It’ll be in a package from few days. Especially, because at the begging nothing happens that couldn’t be rationally explained – like some creaking etc., so there is no point in getting distracted.
And the most important – when the first files? I wanted to upload them yesterday, but they are pretty heavy so the time I would need surpassed me. But I want to be done with it by Thursday and you will all have several dozen hours of audio + some moments edited by me (when I was successful at least), just a compilation for busy people. And if everything goes smoothly you’ll get it tomorrow, but I won’t bet my life on that. Sound were recorded ONLY then I was at work and nobody else was in the house. Or at least shouldn’t be.”

And that’s how the films came out:

“Ok, on we go.
Some info for blocks that are pissing me off. If you don’t like something, bear some grudge, have objections or whatever just blacklist me and be done. Some of you think that I publish all of it because I’m bored or simply for their satisfaction. Sure thing, you would suddenly have 1000 cameras the next day, uploaded a 24 live transmission, revealed your name, address and all other shit, because privacy is such a triffle you can simply fuck it to make some strangers happy.
Fine, now info for civilized world – there will be more cameras and every place is recorded in such way, that you can see given part of the house as a whole. Back when the films below were recorded I didn’t have enough of equipment yet. Now this place is being filmed also from inside of the attic and if the door opens I will have image from few angles. Right now I’m only monitoring the attic because that’s the only place I’ve heard something and I prefer to place the recorders to get everything there rather that place them vaguely. So:

First audio – edited: 
Second audio 

And first video (from damned camera):
right here:

You’re probably going to ask what is this place I’m entering. Well, it’s my fun-zone, where I keep my computer, games, books etc. Maybe one day I will show it to you.”

There is much more audio materials, but voices appeared that they can be no proof and may be as well fabricated. So I’ve decided not to publish them any longer. I had something more exciting instead – the video.

Since that day, cameras grew more numerous and I was more and more thrilled with this mysterious phenomena. As well as more and more terrified. Few days before the next video (link below) I came back home to finally confront the unknown…
Few days have passed, and absolutely nothing had happened. Even creaking wood decided to take a day off… However, this idyll didn’t last very long:

This video raised a lot of controversy, because a lot of people have seen a hand pushing a phone. The explanation however proved mundane. In a way, that is. What people thought was a hand was actually a phone’s case, and the thing that fell down was a “weight” put there to prevent the mobile from falling. Still, the mystery remains what has caused this incident. Afterwards peace prevailed again. It was suggested to me that I had checked for drafts. I decided to comply which clearly upset certain someone:


Camera 1: 

Camera 2:

Here controversy was aroused as well. What is this white thing that’s falling down? Well, it’s one of three thumbtacks which held the curtain in place. Afterwards where were three blissfully silent days, until today (10.02.2015) when  cameras’ ever vigilant eyes recorded this:

Camera 1 – longer video presenting what happened directly before and after “the happening”: 

Camera 2 – shorter video presenting the occurrence alone:

Whatever you make of it is up to you…